War by spam — how about a nation-to-nation Quake tourney?

Email proposals certainly bring many people, groups, and companies together. Now, we hope, they may bring nations together. Although I’m not sure the messages contained in this one work that well. Everyone knows email threats tend to rachet up the emotions. Being scorched by email is certainly preferable to chemicals, gas, fire, and whatever else is in the arsenal.

On the other hand, online gaming can sometimes release the aggression, keep track of everyone’s health, and declare a winner. Afterwards we all fire up our IMs and share a virtual beer.

What if we set up a nation to nation online game tournament? There would be the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. Regional tournaments. If today’s sports are an extension of yesterday’s city-state wars, maybe we can use today’s online games to reduce the chance of tomorrow’s wars? Heck, the savings on a couple planes and bombs could probably get everyone high-speed internet and a game box! A.S.M.



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