Confirmation of provincial / federal infighting

The question that bothered me for the longest time about the tenant management initiative in Regent Park was the obvious lack of support and suspicion that the Ontario Housing Corporation was actively seeking to kill the program. Why sign an agreement then do everything possible to block implementation? At first, my own suspicion was that we might get too close to uncovering cozy OHC / union / vendor arrangements. Much later I found that it was federal – provincial jurisdicational infighting. The tenant management contract had come from the then Liberal Federal government without involving the Progressive Conservative Provincial government.

Lesson learned: Identify all the stakeholders and know their positions before starting.

From: Sean Purdy Sent: January 15, 2002 5:14 AM
Subject: RE: Regent Park

Thanks very much Simon. The stuff on OHC was useful; I sort of suspected this. When RPCIA originally got their grant, internal OHC documents show that they weren’t even aware of the grant application and wrote some nasty letters to CMHC.

If anything more comes to mind, please write.

Thanks very much, ,Sean

P.S. I’ll try to track down Janet Ross

Sent: January 15, 2002 7:02 PM
To: ‘Sean Purdy’
Subject: RE: Regent Park

it would be great to see that document! you can only imagine the incredibly hard work of dozens of tenants trying to make tenant management work only to have it evaporate through problems which did not have to be.

If anything more comes to mind, please write.

Thanks very much, ,Sean


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