Introductory response to Regent Park request

I was Community Coordinator at RP from 1974-77 on a contract that the Regent Park Community Improvement Assoc. had with the YMCA of Metro Toronto. I have continuing sporadic social engagements with some of the people with whom I’ve worked. During the early 90’s I worked on Better Beginnings across Ontario, (Their Research Unit is at QU – Dr. Ray Peters – should be on your list), during which I had more intensive working relationships.

I have a file drawer of original community materials from my time there, including the most significant initiative, the tenant management project, if these are of interest to you.

There was a community poet by the name of Purdy. Are you related to him?
Certainly willing to engage by email and would very much like to read you work in progress,
BTW — how did you find me


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