Cape experiences

Cape was busy – didn’t have time to write. Actually, it was laziness. Always a chance to do a few words. Ralph & Judy left on Thurs am. We all left Fri AM. Sue and I left to see Chris, Marie, Ryan, Nicole and Danny. Lots of travelling around the Cape for Sue and me. Beaches, sunsets (mostly poor), Nantucket, best stuffed quahogs in the world, Betsy’s Diner, Falmouth, Yarmouth, Wood’s Hole Arts and Crafts Festival and P’town.

Some tragedy as well. At the entrance of Marconi Beach, on Thursday afternoon, a Pathfinder rolled. The passenger went to his death through the window. We had just detoured to view the house at Lieutenant’s Island and see the bay side beach.

Sue and I had a smaller but personally more consequential tragedy with the loss of a tire on Rt 1 N of Boston on Friday pm. With some help from a state trooper, a biker mechanic and Al at National Car at Logan, we received a new car. Changing that tire with care going by at 70 mph; looking for the right place for the jack; and worrying about the best options for action gave me another killer headache when we finally got to Chris’.

Marie had made the most fabulous seafood dishes and Chris bbq’d some pork. It was most impressive and delicious. Later that night Chris and I drove Delores home. She clearly felt that she might not be there to see us again.

Saturday we left at noon; took a trip to Plum Island to collect sand; ate clams at Woodman’s and visited Glouchester and Rockport. We decided to stay over at the Manor Inn.  Subs from Emelia’s were the start of a wonderful evening – until I couldn’t shut off the lights. Two hours later, some pulled fuses solved the problem for the night.

Saturday night we attended St. Joachim’s in Rockport. Sunday am after a coffee and muffin breakfast, we left at 8am. Arrived in Buffalo at 5 form wings from La Nova and home by 7:30.

Today was almost back to normal with a long walk, laundry and yard work. We have Lisa’s car to help with shopping and entertainment, if we get any time. Simon and Beth came over to look at photos.


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