South to Cape Cod

Back to walking with Sam; nice 3.5 miles today; rain falling. As beautiful as New Harbour was, the lack of sidewalks and safe walking was getting to me.

The house we are in is right next to the Barnstable County Courthouse & Offices. Ted Kennedy, I believe, was arraigned here for Chappaquidec and Mary Jo Kopechne.

Our place is very old, authentic, and neglected. Lots of room for family chats in the summer room, bedrooms and living room. Not sure everyone shares my enthusiasm for location and facilities.

But before we reached Cape Cod. Last Thursday we shopped Damaroscotta and Cheri found a great mantle piece craftwork that will certanly bring back many memories before it passes on to family or yard sale.

Friday we had lunch with Cheri’s friend Joyce and daughter Courtney – a charming and friendly pair. Damarascotta Park was hot and not pet friendly. Sue and I returned for wonderful quiet time at Sand Castle.

Later that evening we brought wine and beer to our shore dinner at the Pemaquid Coop. Lighthouse sunset and crescent moon sky was spectacular.

Saturday was clean up. Everyone, especially the children were prompt and helpful. The place looked better than when we came. I hope this value stays with them.

Big Al’s on the return trip was a bust. Sue and I continued down Rt 1 to Porland where we enjoyed a lunch at Silly’s and a too brief stop over in the renewed old harbour. Continuing down Rt 1 through the Maine beaches, Old Orchard, Kennebunk, Wells, York, Ogunquit was tiring with headache producing traffic.

Seeing that we might not arrive at Ralph & Judy’s until late, we shifted to the Interstate. At 6:30 we arrived to a wonderful supper. ‘You don’t eat meat? Since when?’ Chicken for Sue and steak for me. Two Advil and an hour in the hot tub made my leg and body feel better than it had in a long time.

Other thoughts and observations. Round Pond lobsterman ‘Do ya wanna use awer cooker or youse? We don’t sell aceh hea, but there is a stowah on the hill.’


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