Finding New Harbour

Finding this place was an interesting experience. We arrived in the New Harbour area on Saturday about 3:30. Drove down 130 looking for Bay Pines Rd. Came to the Cape Pemaquid light and paid $2 to park and use the washroom. My inquiry to the attendant resulted in a grainy map with PT 11 circled. All the roads off 130 had a PT number Going back up 130 I stopped again after 10 miles. This time I asked a group of older people holding a yard sale. ‘I should know where that is, but …’ Further instructions directed me back in the direction from which I came. Within the village of New Harbour I stopped at the Sandcastle Gift Shop. ‘May not have anything to do with you, but you’re the only sandcastle I could find.’ Finally, I had to comment about the difficulty in getting directions. ‘We only named the streets a couple of years ago.’ ‘How did you give directions before?’ ‘We just told people to turn at the house with the green trim or whatever.’

Mystery solved. It was not a community illness, amnesia or lack of interest in helping visitors. Just new reference points that made old knowledge useless.

For our anniversary on Tuesday the entire family went to Monhegan Island. A beautiful unique place with great views, artists, and difficult walking/hiking trails. In hindsight a worthwhile experience, but at the time physically difficult and straining family good will.

Wednesday we all piled into the van, meandered up 32 and Route 1. The Salt Pond, Round Pond, Granite Store, Safe Harbour Kennels, Rockland and Camden. Spend most of my time in Camden sitting by the river and waterfall reading the Whistle Stop. One the way back we had the world’s thickest shakes at the Round Top.

Today we shopped the local stores, especially Damarascotta. Bought some powder for Sue and Cheri. Dropped off film and watched Cheri torment herself before finally buying a wonderful 11 vial mantle piece decoration that will change over the seasons.

Some other memories: Last Saturday’s breakfast tat Minnie’s Restaurant in Oxford. Minnie is 80+ and still serving breakfast at 1970 prices. The restaurant is a museum of old trinkets, penny candies, and testimonials from local children.

Cheri being charged more than the sticker price for trail mix at Monhegan and a tank top at the light house gift shop.

Sue and I enjoying an anniversary dinner at the lighthouse restaurant. More fried seafood than either of us could finish. The lighthouse rug we bought for the kitchen should keep pleasant memories for some time.

Picnic in Rockland’s harbour after a quick trip to  the Stop N Save.

Stopping at the Sharker community to learn about their lives and to buy their herbs.

Shaw’s wharf, departure point for Monhegan, watched herring unloading.


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