New Harbour Maine vacation

Sandcastle #69, New Harbour Maine – Cherie found a magical rental for our 30th. Finding it is a story by itself, for later. We share a 3 brm cottage 15 yds from the ocean. As yet another gift, Matt & Cheri have given us the large bedroom on the second floor. In addition to the large window overlooking the cove, there is a small walk out balcony facing the open ocean. At night we leave the glass door open. The cool sea breeze and rythmic, gentle waves keep us close under the blankets.

The balcony has become a stage for personal re-creations of the ‘king of the world’ scene from the Titanic – with variations.

Matt left today. Back to Marblehead; back to work. Sue and I were concerned that this oceanside vacation would seem less fulfilling to him and Cherie because of the obvious similarity to their home. It appears that they are as pleased as we are. He has always impressed me as a very sensible, well-grounded man. Today, when leaving he cried. This open, sensitive dimension is a more recent development. He loves his family and us very much. It will be less of a vacation without him.

Yesterday we attended 10:30 mass as St. Patrick’s church in Newcastle, ME. Built in 1808, this is the oldest Catholic church in NE. The celebrant was a retired missionary from Fiji who specialized in giving a hard lesson with great humour.

In the afternoon we all went to Boothbay Harbour, had seafood at the Coop, ice cream, and waited outside many stores. It was the obligatory shopping and poking experience. On the way home, we made several dead-end detours.

Today I explored with Sam. “Had a good day by yourself. Your love that.” In the morning it was the eastern coast of the Pemaquid Peninsula; Rachael Carson’s famous salt pond; Round Pond; and a cut flower stand where I bought 2 bouquets on the honour system. This afternoon’s hunt for the Damarascotta Farmer’s Market was futile. I did find a farm stand and natural food coop.



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