Happy 10th Birthday SOCWORK

A public and personal thanks for noting the 10th anniversary of this list. It is a shared celebration. I don’t know how many of the initial subscribers still participate in this virtual community. I have moved off to primarily lurker status.

Throughout the years the contributions mirror both long-standing and new debates within the profession. When we started, the intent was to investigate the applicability of this medium to teaching and to social planning in particular. I think it is safe to say that this meeting space and its participants comments have found its way into many minds and many classroom discussions.

While there has not always been a meeting of the minds, thanks to excellent facilitation, mediating analysis and, overall, a tolerance of differences, the light exceeds the heat.

As for me, I am still pursuing the support of real communities through communications and computer technologies. Two initiatives deserve mention. Our organization is experimenting with an inter-organizational intranet that links several researchers and practitioners from multiple organizations and locations. We are also facilitating the development of a national consumer health information system. We hope to develop a national operation that is rooted in regional and local health promotion networks. [Posted to SOCWORK]



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