Transparency in online relationships

‘Delicate relationships’ are indeed short-lived in this emerging wired world. Shared discussion spaces such as this one, links between web sites, discussion group archives and other electronic resources make
obvious who is/is not saying something.

The wired world is, to a degree, a fishbowl. Our organizations, our groups and ourselves become a virtual reality whose identity can be managed. However, others’ recorded reaction to that identity, and the relationships among identities, can’t. Some have called this tyranny,others democracy and others still chaos. It may be all of these.

Personally, I support networks of elected, privileged, connected and otherwise influential participants when they try to accomplish something useful for the rest. It is advisable, however, that they be inclusive and open about their efforts – successes as well as failures. And, the communicating structures and channels must work in all directions.


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