Data management challenges

While my system management side wants to organize our data, my human relations side knows that often this is interpreted as hamstringing people. Often it is a no-win situation. Some will complain about not being able to locate a valued corporate resource. Others will complain that Info Mgmnt standards are hampering their ability to quickly respond to changing service requirements.

Our data is found within shared corporate databases; variants are found among end users and their tools; and, now, some on the web. The current strategy is to enable access through browsers while assisting users with ad hoc query and extract tools. Getting compliance on putting clean, normalized and validated data back to the shared corporate data store is, however, an ideal more than a reality.

In our specific situation it is made worse by reliance on short term contracts, variable project team skills, and fuzzier data. Promoting a corporate culture of ‘what we learn, we share’ coupled with a message that, if we paid for its’ development, we want to ensure its’ future value, has helped. While continuing to explore technical solutions to this problem, I believe the better return comes from working on the people and organizational culture system.



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