Planning for an inter-organizational intranet

Today we had a lunch time preview of the LiveLink environment we propose to use in setting up the OPC – CHP virtual workspace.

While our two organizations have a history of working together, most of it is in fairly familiar, traditional forms. More recently, some of us have started doing project development using email and conferencing.

Now we are moving on to the next step – actually developing the virtual workspace using the tools of that workspace. At this time, the software and the space reside on equipment at OpenText. Entry into the workspace requires:
– a graphical access to the WWW (Netscape or Explorer)
– reasonably fast connection (28.8 or better)
– login account and permission.

We invite you to take part in this initial development. We will be exploring the boundaries of the possible, working with software which is itself undergoing constant enhancement, and helping define the facilities and supports we need to make this work effectively. These are the broad strokes, but they will lay down patterns for the future. We need a combination of vision and willingness to learn, search, test furniture arrangements and move walls. While the virtual workspace can accomodate lurkers as well as workers, we obviously prefer
to have more of the later.

If you would like a personal account in the virtual workspace, please let me know. Such an account is necessary to participate. In your reply, please indicate which of the following you would like to contribute
(chose as many as you like):

_ developing creative virtual workspace metaphors (library, street, garden, etc)
_ developing introductory user guides
_ developing document categories
_ developing attributes for online materials
_ developing solid query strategies for maintaining the essential Health Promo inventory
_ explore the functionality of LiveLink
_ comparing LL to other intranet environments
_ comparing the functionality of online discussion in LiveLink and in newsgroups
_ testing project workflow
_ other (open to ideas)
_ JUST WANT TO LURK, I will check in and occasionally add my thoughts, but will trust the development efforts of the participants.

One of the tasks of the initial development group will be to come up with an outreach and marketing plan which will keep the broader community informed.


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