Community evaluators comment about online work

Some comments I’ve received about the Brighter Futures Network and working online.


“I need to balance my remarks in that I am finding the electronic venue interesting and stimulating and frustrating and challenging. Some of the great things that have happened include downloading info from the OPC
Open Forum in Ottawa and sharing/distributing to local anti-poverty groups like F.I.N.D. (Families in Need Directory) and the local Legal Clinic, Community Kitchens etc.; dowloading info about evaluation for our local evaluator; doing health info searches for community members with questions; learning something new; feeling connected via things like click4hp to folks around the world who care about health promotion and all that that means etc, using e-mail to send and receive documents and instant (almost) messages…. I could go on and on…”

Joanne King – Community Resource Centre (Killaloe)

“As an independent worker in this exciting and sometimes frustratingfield, I find electronic communication, particularly BF, really helpful in finding out about others’ work with communities.  It gives me ideas and sometimes, when I avail myself of the opportunity, interaction that I wouldn’t get otherwise.  I like being able to share what others are doing with people I’m in touch with who are not on-line yet!”

Beth Hoen – CAPC evaluator


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