Setting up a portable computer

Setting up new portable which I intend to be the primary portable ‘workhorse’ for my thesis. It is my intent to save notes such as this in plain text in the event that they will be processed further by indexing or html markup. I am using this personal experience as part of the system design effort. For example, this task took me about 20 minutes.

The clock time was off. I played a bit with the audio clock features, and set up a program group with icons to immediately connect to this log on startup. Some items remaining. Setup backup procedure. Setup mail folder load/unload/synchronize. Perhaps I will get netcard and make this my primary workstation for a while in order to experience the file moving between net and off net use. The key considerations appear to be: 1) having an understanding of the work requirements, 2) having an understanding of the technical capabilities and capacities of the systems 3) being willing to experiment, evaluate, change. A new user may find that this seems beyond the possible. Her/his time can be perceived as being better spent elsewhere.

TO DO – make small command summary to tape to unit regarding: special keys, monitor switching, power saving, etc. Perhaps I should include this artifact generation activity in system design sessions. To what extent can this be kept with the system and where? Follow – up : did make small sticker for the unit, but did not have good tape so left it loose. Within a few days I lost it. However, having it around helped me memorize the keys (at least until now).

Individual users should be encouraged to make their own quick templates. Systems themselves must contain sufficient visual help to make it possible for the user to find the correct input without too much effort. This usit has symbols on it which I now find more illustrative because of the template effort. Actually, as long as I can remember, I have made key shortcut sheets and placed them next to my computer. It was time well spent. For example, some people may not like the key-click noise.


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