Hazards of early DB release


Obviously, when someone withdraws we want to make sure that they do not appear as attendees at workshops, meals or in the participant directory. To take someone out go into the DELEGATE information and UPDATE the delegate involved.

You will be presented with a screen of the workshops and meals for which the delegate has signed up. Use the F2 key for UPDATE OPTIONS then select the WITHDRAW FROM SESSION option. You will then be asked for the ID of the session from which the person is withdrawing. At present you must WITHDRAW the delegate from each workshop and meal to make sure that they do not appear on any list. Naturally, this must be done as soon as possible to keep all lists accurate.  We will work on a global withdrawal later.

If someone is withdrawing MAKE SURE THAT THE FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS ARE ALSO TAKEN CARE OF.  For example, if their fee was
$200.00, which they already paid, enter a negative payment of -200.00 (we owe them $200). If you fail to do this the financial reports will be inaccurate and, worse yet, the person may not get her refund!

Following the above will keep that individual’s name from appearing on any list associated with the conference.


First, bring up the bring up the SPEAKER REGISTRATION MODULE and locate the person.

Second, use the REMOVE SESSION selection to remove the speaker from each session at which he/she is not speaking.

That speaker will not appear in any information about the session. If they are not scheduled to speak at any session, they will not appear on any list of speakers.

If the session is cancelled because they are not speaking, go to the ONLINE ENQUIRY to pull up the session. If participants are assigned to the session use the PRINT option to print a list of session participants (please make sure you are linked to the correct printer). Use the
CONFERENCE ADMINISTRATION module to UPDATE SESSION and change the SEATS REQUESTED to 0. This will prevent anyone from adding another person to the session.

Use the printed session list and their original registration card to assign the participants to a replacement session. Please note that these
instructions only refer to the proper way for handling the operation of the conference manager (software), not to any notification of change which might be required by the conference manager (humanware).

If you are not clear on the above, call Truong or I the next time you have a withdrawal or come up and we can show you on our demonstration database.


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