Report on system examination and training session

This summarizes my initial review of your information system and provides some suggestions for further development and training.

The specifications as initially submitted have been met with the exception of minor items now in progress.

The primary program administrative workstation is equipped with the proper storage, backup, communication and printing requirements. It is my expectation that the configuration as I examined it will remain together until notified otherwise.

The menu system is set up on this workstation to provide easy access to programs (with the exceptions noted later) for all users. Twice weekly training times have been established through the vendor. It is my strongest recommendation that these be attended by both program and administrative staff.

I want to complement B for the work she has done to organize the system and to learn its capabilities. She has both the skills and outlook necessary for full use of computer based information systems.

Outstanding Work:

1- Microsoft Excel must be installed and connected to the menu system. This is particularly important for budget preparation and modification.

2- The tutorial and template files in Pagemaker must be installed to assist in production of program flyers and newsletters.

3- Daily and weekly backup procedures need to be followed in order to protect the data and system configuration.

4- The second workstation in the shared administrative area must be made to match the first workstation.


The first recommendation is to the sponsoring organization.

1- The introduction of a local area network requires changes in work style and administration which, if not done, will result in its under-utilization or even abandonment. Foremost among these is the necessity to make one person a ‘system administrator’ to oversee maintenance, filing, training, etc. Over time, cost of not
getting such a person is greater than getting one. With proper setup you will have a powerful means for inter-department communication and resource sharing. Conversely, if not done properly, it can just add to the work load without benefit.

2- Staff must be encouraged/mandated to produce work in electronic form, not leave all ‘computer work’ to the administrative support person.

Several of your staff have basic and advanced familiarity with computers. With this start you should be in good position to record what you are doing, publicize it throughout the community, and share it with others.


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