Another magic wand request

HELP!!!  Do you remember the Survey that we worked on back in December for the Branch…well, the final report has been going back and forth and undergoing many revisions.  You helped me do a chart on EXEL for them as sort of a summary of all the organizations.  Now, for the big question…they want us to do a one page summary of the information for each organization we talked to.  The questionnaire consisted of 9 pages, containing both yes/no type questions, plus some more quantitative, descriptive material.

They want both included in the summary.  For example, if an organization offers material on community development, what materials do they offer or if an organization is involved in information sharing what mechanisms do they employ. I would like to design some sort of standard form that the material can be plugged into.  Do you have ideas??

There is a bit of a rush…they asked for the material about a month ago, but I didn’t have an opportunity to even think about it until now.


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