Prevention Congress IV prep

I will pick up, deliver and setup the loaned server, 3 3com stations,
and 2 stand alone computers on Mon Nov. 13 in the morning. If there are
additional items, please leave them on the Board room table on Friday
along with any instructions. Truong, please disconnect and have the
equipment ready for transfer by the end of the day Friday.

On Thurs. Nov.16 I will disassemble, return and reassemble. My
assumption is that no equipment will be required after 2PM Thurs.

Truong will prepare 2 backup tapes to use for on-site restoration of the

I will be at the congress during the following times:

Mon 11/13 7:30am-2pm
Tues 11/14 8:00am-7:00pm
Wed 11/15 4:30-6:30
Thur 11/16 8:00am-close

As you know, the Saskatchewan room will be both congress office and a
live mini-Clearinghouse during the duration of the Congress.

In this room will be two stand-alone computers and one printer. One
computer will have a complete copy of the OPCH databases and the other
Word Perf, Excel and Pagemaker for any task which your heart
desires. It will also be possible to call from our mini-Clearinghouse
into our office network.

The registration area will have a small network of three workstations
a server, and a printer.

Both Truong and I will have pagers in case something does not work

We will be preparing a flyer for participants inviting them to come to
the mini-Clearinghouse and use us ‘live’ during the hours of 11am-2pm
and 3:30pm-6:30pm daily beginning with 3:30 Mon afternoon and closing
after 2pm Thursday afternoon.

Are any staff available during those times to take requests? The minimum
skills required are to take requests and enter them in the database,
search through our programs database and answer questions.

Please let me know if you would like to help – food supplements will be


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