Basic project management

I have looked at both project management and group scheduling software to address our needs. The group scheduling
software is interesting, but only works if everyone uses it. It could be used to force schedules, that is, annoucements of meetings could be imbeded into everyone’s personal schedules with automatic pop up and notification. However, this would be a minor improvement over the mail system.

Project management software is incredibly powerful, but requires significant learning and dogmatic application. It may have application
for the upcoming conference, but I don’t recommend introducing it at this late date.

My recommendation is to pursue integrating project activities into our information management system. Briefly, as a project is mounted, goals, leaders, targets, and dates are agreed on and entered into a proj mgment DB which integrates with the others. Regular reports are generated which provide proj staff and admin with a bird’s eye view of its current state, and assessment of target completion. Maintaining this general reporting system would be the responsibility of the project leader. Individual staff would have the option of using the system to keep track of their personal activities.

The strength of the above system is ease of use, integration with other resources, and quick start up. On the other hand, it will not
track individual resources (time, materials, etc). It will require admin  direction to ensure implementation.


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