DB design for stakeholder expectations

As part of the database analysis, I am trying to get a better view of staff relations with government policy and program officials. Please
search your memories or the database for answers to the following:

Which requests, if any, have been made by staff of government-run direct service programs?

Which requests, if any, have been made by government ministry staff seeking to support policy initiatives, change or evaluation?

Can you give me the names of 1 or 2 direct service professionals in government run agencies with strong interests in prevention who would not mind being interviewed?

Same as above question, but policy or program development professionals.

Do you know, or have you heard of anyone developing databases in health promotion and prevention? Who?

Do you have a government ministry contact who has as part of her/his responsibility the collection and maintenance of information about
programs she/he funds?

I will let you know if I plan to follow-up on any of the contacts you provide.

Now that you have carefully considered information request from Government users, please consider the following for non-government users. Please  provide names of people who are accessible and don’t mind being called. As mentioned earlier, I will let you know who I am contacting.

Which names (2 is plenty) come to mind as very good and methodical prevention or promotion program developers in the community?

Which names come to mind as supervisors of good prevention or promotion programs in the community?

Is there a good contact in the voluntary sector (not our board members) who is willing to talk about prevention or promotion?

What type of requests have come from the general public regarding prevention or promotion ?


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