Committee/networking and DB design

I would like to assemble a list of all Boards, committees, formal or
informal groups on which you participate in AS A REPRESENTATIVE of the
Clearinghouse. If you hold any office or special duty, please indicate
it. Also, please give a short list of group activities or requests which
generated work (your’s or someone else’s) at the Clearinghouse.

This information will be most valuable in our database design effort.

Simon, in reply to your recent message (March 22, 1989) I’m sending
along a list that I did for Bryan (and his response) about the networks
Peg & I belonged to as of July ’88. As well, following changes:
I represent Bryan at the U. of Toronto Health Promotion External
Advisory Committee.
I am chairperson of the Ont. Public Health Assoc. Health Promotion
Division’s “Liaison/Communications Committee” which generates LOTS of
work for me at OPCH, and some benefits. For example:
– workshop on health promotion & networking in Stratford Jan. 25
organized by the L/C Committee, drew 23 people from over Perth,
Waterloo, Huron and Oxford counties, took about 20 hours prep. time and
maillists & FAXs & long distance calls from me; and ended with 5
requests from participants, new additions to maillist & 6 new progs.
– workshop on same topic to occur in Belleville & I’m prime mover so
lots of work in mail, phone, fax and writing
I represent OPCH in a new “Health Promotion Research Network Steering
Committee”. It is generating work for OPCH, with possible funding from
Health and Welfare to do survey of h.p. researchers & set up dbase.
That’s the short list. I do a fair bit for Ont. Public Hlth Assoc. in
networking, workshop planning, (using maillist, newsprog, OPHA dbase)
and consultation, plus typing minutes for many meetings.


East York Heart Health – Expert Advisory Committee
C.P.P.I. – Technical Advisory Group
Ont. Assoc. Child Mental Health Centres – Prevention Committee
Office of Disabled Persons – Database Advisory Committee
Institute for Prevention of Child Abuse – conference prog. cttee
Alliance for Children (ending Sept. 1988)
? U.of T. Health Promotion External Advisory Committee
Liaison with MCSS

Alliance for Children – Board of directors (ending Sept. 1988)
Community Health Alumni Association U.ofT. – nucleus committee
Healthy Lifestyles Campaign – Advisory group (ending Aug. 88)
Toronto Women’s Whole Health Centre (proposed) – philosophy ctte.
Health Promotion Working Group
Liaison with Min. of Health, Health Promotion Branch

Volunteer involvement w. Can. Assoc. Occup. Therapists – ad hoc

Ont. Public Health Assoc. – Health Promotion Division executive
OPHA-HPD Liaison/Communications Committee
OPHA-HPD Education Committee (ending Aug. ’88)
Community Health Centres Health Promotion Coordinators group (end 08/88)
Health Promotion Working Group (U.of T.)
Liaison with Assoc. Ontario Health Centres – Health Promotion

Volunteer involvement w. Opportunity for Advancement (Board, prog)
Parkdale Occupational Health Committee


Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety – Hamilton
Ontario Hospital Association
Ontario Medical Association
Registered Nurses Assoc. of Ontario
Medical Reform Group, Nurses for Social Responsibility

Multicultural associations like OCASI, Access Alliance
Seniors associations like United Seniors Ont., OACSC, OCncl.Aging
Tobacco issues – OIACSH
Cardio-vascular health – Can. Heart Health Network, CCHBPPC
Environmental Health – Pollution & Education cttee, Ont. Env. Network
Nutrition – nutritionists in public health, Ont. Dietetic Assoc. etc.

Ryerson Health Promotion interdisciplinary unit

Anything else? Maybe we should have a congress or something big and
invite all these groups. Or a series of brown bag lunch sessions…


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