Initial high-level scan for DB design

”What part of the real world does the Clearinghouse represent?
Health promotion activities
Primary prevention activities
Including in the above: resources, research, and evaluation

”Which subjects are included?
Health, Human services, Education, Social assistance
Person focused and community based emphasis


”What purposes are served by the Clearinghouse?
Increasing province©wide awareness of prevention
Collecting information for and from users
Providing consultation
Promoting exchange of information/expertise among users
Sponsoring prevention congress
Other ?

”What categories of users are there?
Internal users:
Staff providing services
Staff recording/retrieving information
Board evaluating operation

External users:
Program developers
Community leaders
Government staff
General public

”What are they using the resources of the Clearinghouse for?
Doing research in prevention
Starting up new programs
Evaluating existing programs
Policy and funding consultations
Looking for ‘how©to’ strategies without formal expertise
Generating broad public support for prevention/promotion
Looking for local contacts and speakers


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