DB design approach

I like the work being done on the database review. Caution needs to be expressed about one common pitfall in database design – the design is started from an existing database. If we are not careful we may only end up with a better version of what we have and not the best version of what is possible.

I am approaching this with the broadest possible view. The only previous investment of effort which is fixed is the network system
itself. Existing software, structures, programs, code, and even data will not be spared during this rigorous analysis. This will be the BEST database serving prevention ANYWHERE.

I will leave you with some forms on which I would like you to record the results of your interviews.

In the library I came across a presentation handout explaining prevention as program and strategy. Conceptual considerations are the basis of database design. If our database doesn’t reflect the defined (fixed) and fuzzy aspects of what prevention is, it won’t work at its maximum potential. I have made copies of the handout. Please make sure that any other relevant analysis is given to Truong and me.

Rarely can databases be designed with immediate feedback from users; this system should enable a ongoing synergy among all of us. In order to make absolutely certain that we are working from the same understandings, I will be circulating the analysis as it evolves. Collective comments will be critical.

Back to the drawing board….


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