Database evaluation and re-design

Purpose of the project:
– to evaluate the quality of the information stored at this organization
– to review the procedures for electronic and print recording
– to analyse usage of each individual data base
– to identify unmet needs in:
ability of the information system to provide good answers
ability of staff to retrieve data
– to reduce duplication of information
– to continue leadership in coordination and cooperation with
various groups of users (service providers, funders, planners)

1) Introduction
1.1 Record evaluation
1.2 Staff meeting
1.3 Individual interviews
1.4 Feedback
2) Preliminary design
2.1 Generalized view of data base requirements
2.2 Detailed list of item requirements, data dictionary
2.3 Preliminary authority list
2.4 Analysis of record linkages
2.5 Prototype of entry, retrieval and reporting forms and screens
2.6 Review with staff
3) Software development
3.1 Selection
3.2 Coding
3.3 Conversion of current records
3.4 Installation and testing
4) Installation and training for staff.


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