Alberta bound… (youth BBS inquiry)

from Peggy:
Thought that might catch your eye…

Just before Xmas, I had an interesting call from someone with Alberta
Health who is trying to track down any information about evaluated
electronic bulletin boards with youth…sort of youth hotlines. We’ve
had a couple of requests about setting up youth hotlines but her
research is different and I wasn’t sure if she was working with an
agency to set up electronic bulletin boards; isn’t that sort of
restricted access for kids?(maybe these are kids in treatment).

Anyhow I haven’t taken this as a request, but thought that you might be
interested in the concept or have more ideas; we’re not committed to
following up,unless you think there’s some potential in it or have info
for her…then, we put our fee policy into effect, eh?

I have name, phone#, etc. if you want to respond.


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