File Names

From Adele:
We seem to be getting a little wild and wooly in the naming of files on
the wordperfect program. This can be a bit of a problem if one staff
member needs a file that another staff member has entered, but doesn’t
know what the file is called.

If everyone could stick to the same format, it would make life easier
for everyone. Quite some time ago, a “code” was drawn up to give the
system some degree of consistency. It is as follows:
First two letters = originating body (i.e. BD, CH, HP, HF)
Second two letters = what the document is (AG=agenda,BU=Budget,
ME=Memo,LE=Letter, RE=Report etc.) These are all listed in the computer
log on the shelf in the computer room)
Third two letters = who the document is for (i.e. MC= MCSS, MH= Min. of
Health, CM= committee, or the initials of the person to whom the
document is being sent)
Last two letters = the Month. This is really important, especially if
we are trying to track down a specific letter with a specific search, or
if trying to find a specific agenda or report.

If you have any questions about this format, please see me. If you
like, I can have copies of the ‘code’ made up to have on hand.


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