Hard disk security

from Truong:

Recently, I have noted that someone has been playing around with our
computers after work (my computer has been re_setup several times).
However, for our security, I will try (do my best if I can remember at
anytime) to lock all computers with hard_disk installed (the Compaq at
the open office, Adele’s workstation, my workstation, and the one in the
board_room) before we close. I keep the keys for the one of mine and
the one in the boardroom, Adele’s keeps hers, and Terri keeps all the
spare keys. Please don’t get so excited when one of those computers
doesn’t “listen” to you, just let me know (because I probably forget to
unlock it).

Another thing is that the Page Printer has been fixed. From now on, if
you are going to use it, please follow these steps

_ Connect to the Page Printer
_ In WP, do [Shift][F7] then choose option 4 for Printer Control
_ In Printer Control Menu choose option 1 and change the Printer
number to 3
_ Hit [ENTER] then [F7] to finish (not necessary)
_ Do your print job

This is only for WordPerfect. The other application software has no
problem with this printer. However, if you still have any problem please
let me know, I’ll help you.

(If you want to print your document on the Apple Laser, follow exactly
those step above, except instead of changing the Printer Number to 3 for
the Page Printer, you change it to 2 for the Apple Laser)

Thank you for your co-operation.


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