Thrill of remote connections

Note from director experiencing remote access.

Two and a half years ago, our organization was taking delivery of its first two computers. The Compaq portable (no hard disk) was mine, and 2 assistants shared a job, a single salary, and the Compaq Deskpro. At that time, we tried to use a local network so that the two computers could share data, but we could not work on the same program at the same time. We also took forever, with Simon, learning how to try to send messages and files over the modem.

Times have changed.

We dreamt then that it would be great if we could have “remote access” to the Clearinghouse data and computers….to be able work away from the office, even out of town, and be able to call up and get direct
computer to computer control of our data.

This message is coming to you in exactly that form..via modem…via remote access…via the phone lines!!!

As always, there are bugs we will need to work out…but hey..look how far we’ve come…Look out bugs!!!!

Champagne time everybody…..Congratulations!!!!


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