Information Coalition – draft guiding principles

Task: to develop the draft set of principles as guides for the design an introduction of technology assisted information systems at various levels in the community
1. All systems must serve their users. The users should know exactly how the records put into the system are being used and what measurements are being taken to judge individual or group  performance.
2. The confidentiality of records concerning individuals must be defined and the extent of cross checking between various electronic data sources has to be revealed it to the individual .
3. Sharing of aggregated records can assist community planning and problem solving . The levels of aggregation must ensure both personal privacy and community decision-making.
4. Information sharing systems need to be designed to promote/encourage/facilitate communication between those who make decisions and those who have to live with or act on these decisions. These communications capabilities must be lateral as well as vertical .
5. Organizations and funders who provide or require the use of computer assisted systems must provide the supports necessary for the users to consider their implications for training, volunteerism , and service.
6. As the number, type and speed of change increases so does the requirement to review these principles and their implementation .
7. The individual has the right to say no and to not participate in electronic record keeping about him or herself .
prepared by Jim Huston and Simon Mielniczuk at the Ralph Thornton Centre for IC meeting February 19, 1987


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