Association of Community Information Centres in Ontario – RFI

Requests for information
Association of Community Information Centres in Ontario
February 10 1986
The association of community information centers in Ontario is preparing to automate all its member centres throughout the province. Each individual center will have computer communication capabilities in order to share information, coordinate various projects, and make best use of the skills found among its members centers.

The Automation Project is set to take place in two stages, the first, involving a select group of nine centers and the association offices all located in southern Ontario.  After this pilot phase is completed, the project will extend to all of the other member centers.

In addition to the communications system, the centers are also automating thier database and their statistical collection and reporting systems.

This request for information lists:
• Features desired
• Access required
• Cost and billing considerations

System features are listed in the order of their desired priority.  It is understood that not all may be available through one particular vendor of communication services.

• E-mail with mailing/circulation list storage
• Private file storage space
• Online and offline text editing
• Bulletin board accessible to user group only
• Conferencing facility including both public and closed group access levels, simultaneous and none simultaneous participation
• Calendar in scheduling facility
• Directory of system users

Other users currently using the selected system may have also have some bearing on the communications services selected by the association. Of particular interest is access to other nonprofit human service association, Federal and provincial government ministries.

User group
The first members of the association’s user group consists of one representative from each of the nine centers for participating in the pilot phase of the automated network and the Executive Director of the association.

The ACICO may also include one or more guest members in its user group.

Representatives from each of the member centers will be added as time progresses and they obtain computer communication capabilities.

Cost and billing
Two methods of payment are possible. The association may pay directly for all authorized members of its user group would make direct all participants to pay for their own usage. If the association pays directly some method of identifying individual usage is desired in order to properly assign costs.

Although the initial purchase a prince and the user group are all located in major urban areas, other future participants are located in outlying areas of Ontario.  It is important that these also have equal access to the communications network without exorbitant add on charges.

A complete list of the initial user groups and all member centers of the ACICO is attached.

Training documentation and support The availability of structured training, written documentation and online help on the particular system is also a consideration for the association.


Your submission should include:
Which of the desired features are available on your system
Which additional features are available
Standard usage costs build centrally or to individual users
Training documentation and support available

Also, please indicate the availability of complementary access for limited trial period.

Your reply should be sent to:
Automation committee – ACICO 89 Wyndham St. North, suite 201
Guelph, ON


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