Exploring the SOURCE

Spent some time over the weekend on Source. Interesting but takes getting used to. I didn’t have the handbook so just fished around. My greatest problem was getting out of any particular sequence when I no longer wanted to do more.

This morning I found (on Source) a librarian who specializes in research on disabilities. Lisa will write her when she finishes her science project.

The discussion packages is costing approx $10/copy. Thank God I have the access to resources to promote it. How does it happen where there is no access to resources?

Quote in todays G & Mail:

“Without adequate communications infrastructures the developing countries cannot hope to achieve any real measure of self sufficiency, they will be denied access to the store of knowledge, accumulated in the world’s data banks. Development strategies will have little chance of achieving lasting success and the grand design of establishing a new international economic order will be seriously compromised.”

– attributed by Gorden Fern to a 1983 UN Designation as World Communications Year


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