Politics and community boards

The enclosed are copies of recent articles relating to our $2000 grant from North York.

It is becoming increasingly evident that the accusations hurled at Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services by certain Board of Control members are unjustified. However, it is also important to re-establish a good relationship with these Board members and to clear any doubts they may have.

If you are directly or indirectly in contact with them, please use the opportunity to do so.

Simon Mielniczuk

—– Agency politically biased: Controllers

North York – The co-ordinator of a Don Mills social services agency denies his group tried to influence voting in last autumn’s municipal election.

Simon Mielniczuk of Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services denied a barrage of allegations from three North York board of control members when he asked for a $2000 grant.

Controller William Sutherland accused the agency’s chairman, Charlotte Sneyd, of chairing an election meeting in which flyers urged the audience not to vote for Sutherland, or fellow Contollers Robert Yuill and Esther Shiner – only for Barbara Greene.

Both Sutherland and Yuill recommended that the group be given only $1700, the amount of last year’s grant but other members voted for the $2,000.

Mielniczuk says Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services had nothing to do with the literature. The print, ink or paper did not come from his office, he says.

“We have been very careful not to do that. We are very careful to dissociate ourselves from that.”

Toronto Star, Tuesday, May 3, 1983 /North14  Viewpoint by Warren Potter

——-  Grant for Flemingdon

… “It sure as heck implies you’re involved, ” Controller Yuill told Flemingdon spokesman Simon Mielniczuk, referring to Ms. Sneyd’s presence at the November rally.

Controller Shiner was also concerned. “You should have a very serious talk to your group about your political interference, ” she said.

Mr. Mielniczuk said the members of his group bear every different political stripe and that Ms. Sneyd, who was not at Wednesday’s meeting but signed the application for assistance, was exercising her political opinion outside Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services.

North York Mirror, May 4, 1983 A3  by Bill Evans, Staff Writer

——– The real world a fairy tale to our politicians

I reckon that being a politician is somehting like lving in a goldfish bowl. They swim around and around but never get to see the world outside.

Two recent examples made me shake my head in disbelief.

Two weeks ago, at a North York Board of Control meeting, the co-ordinator of Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services asked for the agency’s annual grant.

The agency does a good job in a high-density area with large number of immigrants.

But some controllers were reluctant to give the agency money. They did, eventually.

Seems that a woman named Charlotte Sneyd, who has been active in the community for many years, is also president of Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services.

During last autumn’s election campaign, Sneyd chaired a candidates’ meeting during which flyers were distributed.

The flyer asked voters not to vote for Controllers Bob Yuill, Bill Sutherland, and Esther Shiner. It suggested everyone vote for Barbara Green.

They’re crybabies

Now the neighbourhood services group had nothing whatsoever to do with this whole affair.

But a couple of the politicians – Yuill and Sutherland – seemed bent on “punishing” the agency because its president was in the chair at that meeting.

No one ever suggested that Sneyd had anything to do with the preparation of the flyer.

The only sin was that the agency was guilty by association. One politician suggested the agency should be careful when electing a president.

As far as I am concerned they’re a bunch of crybabies.

— Toronto Star, Tuesday, May 14, 1983/North H4


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