Flemingdon Neigbourhood Services Board orientation package

Board Orientation Package:
For Your Information
Incorporation objects and bylaws
Organizational description
Current Bios
List of agency advisory grop
Community Directory
Brief, general intro to multi-service centres
Co-ordinator job description
List of Staff and Volunteers
Funding history
Demographic profile on the community

For Your Information
FLEMINGDON NEIGHBOURHOOD SERVICES is a community multi-service centre bringing together the resources of Flemingdon Park residents and those of several human service agencies. This joint community and agency effort has three primary aims. First, we want to provide unified, direct help. We recognize that people needing help are often more frustated than assisted when they try to find it. Flemingdon Neighbourhood services is prepared to consider any difficulty of a personal, family, or community nature. It we can’t deal with it directly, then we will make sure that the referral is directed to a person or place which can.

Our second aim is to improve local access to and confidence in agencies and their workers in Flemingdon Park. At the same time, these agencis and workers can better understand and appreciate the community and the local resources available.

Ongoing community development is our third major aim. Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services monitors community needs through the people who come for service, the workers, and the larger community. Our responses to these documented needs are liklye to range from additional services and group programs to community advocacy.

All of these objectives are being developed in the special and unique multi-cultural context of Flemingdon Park where more new settlement and more cultural diversity occurs than in any other part of Metropolitan Toronto.

The Board of Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services is a group of committed community, business, and political leaders who have brought together the financial and personal resources necessary to start this innovative service. They selected an accessible location in the Flemingdon Park Shopping Centre that provides convenience for clients and encourages drop-ins.

Initial participating agencies include: Catholic Children’s Aid Society, Metro Children’s Aid Society, Metro Social Services, Probation and After-Care (COMSOC), Family Day Care Services, Family Services Association, and Sacred Heart Village. Core staff consisting of a coordinator, intake and outreach workers team together with front line agency staff to coordinate service delivery.

Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services in interested in hearing from families, individuals, groups and agencies with specific problems, information requests, or general interest in Flemingdon Park. Please contact our coordinator Simon Mielniczuk at 424-2900.


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