Inquest exposes drug distribution and use

Excerpts from Toronto Sun Mar 17. 1976 article by Mark Bonokoski

Alfie Cuddy was an 15 yr old delinquent whose last trip on booze and downers ended with his corpse floating in the ship channel of Toronto harbor.

Friends of Alfied Cuddy – som of the youth of Regen Park who left school for a short life of stealing cars on the way to jail, self-admitted drug users and pushers – have pointed their fingers at the one man whose name was not on the witness list of the coroner’s inquest investigating the death of Alfred Cuddy.

But the name William Bazkur now appears on a supeona and the Regent Park resident, estimated to be in his late 30’s, will have his day in court today.

Bazkur appeared briefly yesterday. …

“His nerves are upset and he’s taking medication,” where the words from Bazkur’s lawyer and Bazkur was granted a one-day reprieve.

Billy Raines, 22, and 17 year-old Matthew Coffey, both now residing in the Don Jail, and Brian McConnell, 16, Alfie Cuddy’s best friend, have told the court Bazkur was the man who dealt out the mandrax in Regent Park.

It was mandrax – methaquolone – which was found in Alfie Cuddy’s tissues after he was removed from the water of Cherry Street dock Nov. 9.

Coffey, now serving time for break and enter, took the protection of the Canada Evidence Act yesterday and told how he bought 50 mandrax tablets from Baxkur on Oct 21, the last night Alfie Cuddy was seen alive.

He told of drinking beer with Cuddy and McConnell, of splitting up the mandrax, and that he “dropped” two tabs and gave one to Cuddy.

What Coffey remembered most, however, was the “Regent Park grapevine”.

“They were saying that I killed him.”…

“How do you think Alfie got to the water,” asked Crown counsel Wes Dunfield?

“Well he had not shoes on, right? I think he passed out at someone’s place and didn’t wake up. He was probably taken down to the lake hoping someone might think he drowned.”

Coffey admintted getting the drup from Bazkur and giving it to Cuddy and being scared at the inquest of being charged with murder.

“He [Baskur] pointed a gun at me and Brian (McConnell) but that blew over,” said Coffey. “Then one day while we were drinking beer in the building he came up and

threatened us. He said if we didn’t stop smoking grass in the hallways, he’d drop us.”

“But we told him different,” said Coffey, “and then he took me to his apartment and gave me Kleenex with about 50 mandrax in it.

“he siad to take them – for nothing. Just shoot hime a couple of bucks now and then.”

That, said Coffey, was the beginning of a steady supply and an arrangement that didn’t end until Nov. 13, two weeks after Alfie Cuddy’s body was discovered by a harbor swing-bridge operator.

Coffey said he and Raines had a deal with Bazkur – $50 for 1,000 hits of mandrax.

“He took the money and suft us off,” said Coffey. “He said he wanted us to bring him a broad. I told Billy and he got somebody.”

Raines, ad admitted speed freak serving time for a weapons charge who has spent the last nine years “dealing, stealing and floating around,” said he took an 18 yr old girl to Baskur’s apartment but the deal “didn’t go down”.

Raines alow admitted delivering a strange message to Alfie’s mother two days before her son’s body was found.

He asked her “If you had a body would you feel better?” In response to her reply – “Dead or alive, I just want my boy” – Rianes admitted saying: “I’ll make a phone call and you’ll likely have your body in two or three days.”

“I really didn’t mean they’d find him floating in the water. I just speculated he died of an overdose..

“I had heard (in the grapevine) that his body went over (into the water) in a car. But that was just a rumor. I guess I was trying to console Mrs. Cuddy.”

The inquest continues.


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  1. Judy says:

    I remember Alfie. He was once a great kid!

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