RPCIA letter to Health Centre Board

We understand that the Board of Management will be meeting soon to decide the by-laws for the Community’s Health Centre.

You know our position on these by-laws, and we have discussed this position with the Health Centre staff. The staff in turn has shared with us their views on the by-laws. We are in agreement on the following principles:

1. Members of the Health Centre Corporation must be the adult clients of the Centre.

2. These members, that is the community, must have majority control of the of the Board of Directors.

3. These Board of Directors must be elected at an Annual meeting after proper notice to all members of the Corporation, the community.

4. The Board of Directors must have adequate representation from all staff components of the Health Centre.

5. The Board of Directors may contain directors who sit on the Board to provide professional expertise, provided that the combination of these directors and the directors representing the staff is not greater than the number of community members on the Board.

The adoption of this type of Board set-up would ensure a constant flow of communication between the parties involved in the Health Centre. Without this communication only suspicion, uncertainty and low staff morale will result.

The residents of Regent Park want more than an extension of a hospital out-patient department. We want our place, staffed by our dentists, doctors, and nurses and run by our Board of Directors.

Sincerely, Janet Ross, President, Olga Burnett, Recording Secretary.


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