The Tenant Paper Jul 20/72

Riverview tenant council report
Tenants finally get trash barrels
Under the threat of action SHA finally put more barrels outside. A gain tenants showed their cooperation – the barrels were filled in two days. We must get SHA to empty them more often or the barrels and will be useless .

103 – 105 division modernization
Members of this committee made a list of the things they want done first in their building. Painting of quarters has started already. The committee is headed by Olga Maldonado and Carmen Pinero.
If any tenant of 103 and 105 has a shower that needs fixing give your name at 21 of the tenant council representatives.

Sullivan tenants come to Riverview
Some tenant council members from the project on Stafford street came to the last Riverview tenant council meeting . We will soon be working together on a new lease.

Waiting for moving money? Call SRA
Many tenants are entitled to more moving money from SRA. The delay in sending out the checks is at their main office. Call Dominic Sarno at 739-6921 and ask about your money.

Lead paint poisoning
Lead in paint can cause and retardation if eaten by children. The health clinic has envelopes to put paint samples and so they can be tested for lead. Do your children a favor – check your house for lead paint.

Security News
The security program has helped to get the waiting pool in front of 120-122 open on weekends – thanks . Captain Moynihan is now Major Moynihan.

Next Riverview T. C. meeting 7:00 PM Monday July 24, 1972 Riverview community hall. Everyone is invited to come to any tenant council meeting.
Most of the meeting will be a discussion of the security program. What is it doing? How can it be improved? What is the future of the program?


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