The Tenant Paper Jul 10/72

Report on first tenant council
The members of the Riverview T. C. held their first meeting on June 26, 1972.  Tenant representatives jumped right into areas of concern to them.  There’s a good spirit among the representatives and they are eager about working to get things improved in the project.  Here are some of the new things they’ve started looking into.

New windows
A committee of tenants spent an entire day looking at sample windows and talking to salesman.  They selected a strong wind and cold resistant window which is also very easy to clean.
The sample was left in the front of the office for tenant reaction.  That contract is now being prepared.  The housing authority architect said that installation would not start before the end of summer.

Another committee of tenants has been pressing maintenance to supply more trash barrels in the parking lot and more regular pickup.
Maintenance has until the next housing authority board meeting to put up the barrels or the tenants have promised further action.

The letter listing complaints of the elderly was given to Mr. Sotirion for his attention . We hope is response will be better than the barrel situation.

103 – 105 division modernization
Representatives from the high-rise and recently got together with Mr. Asselin SHA director, Art Sotirion, modernization director, and Aretha Matthews modernization chairman to discuss coming modernization in their building.

Tenants were given an explanation of the budget.  Mr. Asselin asked them to come up with a list of what they want on first . Group will meet later to decide their preferences.

Thanks for cleaning the pool
We want to thank Edward Bibbens and Henry Reed for cleaning the waiting pool in front of 120-122 Clyde . The kids really appreciate it .

Stafford Street Tenant Council Elected
A tenant council election was held recently in the John L. Sullivan housing project on Stafford and nursery streets.  Thirteen representatives were elected some former Riverview tenants.  They’re willing to work together with the Riverview council on matters of interest to both

Fanelli resigning – maybe
Mr. Asselin recently confirmed a wide spread of rumor that Fanelli may resign.  He said that he had been given a verbal resignation from Fanelli, but there has not been a written resignation.

Special notice the elderly tenants
At the tenant council meeting it was pointed out that the food which some tenants are putting out for birds are attracting rats.  Please do not put out any food or bread scraps.  Thank you

NOTE: Tenant Paper ceased creating volume and issue numbers with this issue.


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