The Tenant Paper June 20/72 V1#7

Last Friday 23 residents were elected to the Riverview Tenant Council by their neighbors.
Voting was very spirited as 168 tenants turned out on a rainy day to select their representatives.
Three young residents from the ages of sixteen to eighteen were also elected to represent the large population of young people in the project.
The results are as follows:
122 Clyde elected: Fannie Grant, Nereida Jimenez, Carmen Mercado
120 Clyde elected: Israel Cruz Rodriques, Lind Britton, Leogradia Torrez
103 Division elected: Olga Maldonado, Wilfredo Santiago, Margarita Ayala, Inez Martinez
105 Division elected: Theresa Gonzales, Carmen Pinero, Paula Aponte, Rae-Rae Stovall
Low Rise elected: James Ryans, Elizabeth Bess, Ethel Collins, Euthe L. Greene
Elderly elected: Anthony Gaboury, Bessie Bolytrucyk
Youth elected: Maria Zavala, Thomas Wilbon, Gary Reed, Darlene Higgs

The large number of tenants voting indicates that many people are interested in having a tenant council represents them. It is up to tenants to make the council represent them. It is up to the tenants to make the council work for them. But the people you elected know how you feel.

The first meeting of the Riverview tenant council will be on Monday, June 26, 1972 7:00 PM Riverview administration building.

Camp for kids.  Any parent with children who would like to go to camp call Andee 788-4500.

Residents beware ! Don’t be conned into any deals with persistent door to door salesman.  They don’t really want to save you money.  Too many residents are being ripped off by dishonest vendors every day. Do yourself a favor don’t be their next victim.

Thanks from Captain Moynihan.  The captain wants to thank those who signed the petition supporting him  for the position of director of the security program.


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