The Tenant Paper May 30/72 V1#5

May 30 1972
Vol 1 #5
About 60 Riverview residents met Thursday night May 25 to set up the tenant council.

In the group decided that there should be representation from each area of the project as well as use the representation.  High rise representation will be as follows 105 and 103 division street three reps each.  120 and 122 Clyde street three reps each. Low rise representation will be as follows 103 – 133 Clyde one rep, 137 – 165 Clyde one rep, 154 – 136 Sanderson one rep, 54 – 36 Sanderson one rep.  The elderly will have two representatives . Sixteen to eighteen year olds will have three representatives. In total there will be 21 representatives. Representation from 98 and 100 addition has not been decided because of the present relocation from these buildings.  Anyone sixteen years of age and older may vote.  Voting will take place in front of the office on Friday, June 16, 1972.

Election Committee
We need a few tenants to form an election committee.  This committee will iron out any difficulties and supervise the election.

If you want to be on that and counsel, signed the attached to nomination paper and have three other tenants and sixteen years old or over sign also.  A cure nomination papers to the health center, captain Moynihan, Simon or Jose.

Run or push your friends to run.  Nomination papers must be returned by June 9, 1972.

105 Improvement Committee
A group of tenants and gotten together informed of the 105 improvement committee.  Representatives of this group met with Mr. Asselin to get paint and brushes to paint their elevator.  Mr. Asselin promised that the elevator and stairs would be painted by July 1

Governor Sargent’s Wife Visits
Mrs. Sargent visited head start and health center recently.  The housing authority got very short notice of the visit and was only able to clean part of the parking lot.

Rakes, mowers on loan
Starting this week, rakes and mowers are to be available on loan from the secretaries and the maintenance office.

Security news
Captain Moynihan was made Director of the security program.  Security asks that work on cars be done in the parking lot behind 67 – 69 Sanderson to keep the other parking areas clean.  Call captain Moynihan if you have a dog you want to get rid of.

Last call for softball team rosters.  Give them to captain Moynihan now.  Gomez Plastic wiped out the Brightwood Banditos 14 – 0 in a recent game.


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