The Tenant Paper May 9/72 V1#4

Tenants on the eighth floor of the high-rise buildings would been pressing the housing authority for damages caused by the King groups got their money last week.  Members of the group headed by Mrs. Carmen Piniero received checks for claims ranging from $5.00 to $40.00.  A contractor has been selected to fix the roofs.

Many tenants had increases on their rent this year.  Some tenants were able to have their rents lowered when they met with the housing authority bookkeeper and it was discovered that their income or family has changed.  If during the year you have more children, your welfare or pay goes down, or you become permanently disabled to work.  Report these to the housing authority your rental go down.

New Health Center Opened
The Brightwood Riverview health center is now open at 103 – 105 division Street.  There’ll be an open house on Tuesday, May 16, 1972 at 3 to 5:00 PM.  Brightwood school students are having a poster contest for the health center opening.

Free Shrine Circus Tickets
We have a very limited amount of free tickets for the shrine circus on Sat. May 13, 1972. Any child from the ages of five to twelve can get one from senator Jose.  There will also be free transportation from the north and community center.  First come first served.  Only one per child do not send children to get tickets for brothers and sisters.

Food Co-op will have outdoor market
The north and community center food co up will hold an outdoor market in front of the administration building on Wednesday, May 17.  Fruits, vegetables and also Puerto Rican foods will be sold at low low prices.

Tenant Council Coming
We’re almost finished visiting all the tenants. In about three weeks we will have a meeting to set up an election for the tenant council.  There is a lot to be done.  Now is the time for tenants to start thinking about being on the council or getting their friends on it.

Jobs Survey Taking
Jobs are available for door to door survey taking.  Hours per week will vary.  Payee will be $2.30 per hour; 244 bilingual persons.  Candidates must be able to write English and should be over 21 if you are interested in seeing Jody Bartels in the Brightwood Economic Development office or call 788-4500.


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