The Tenant Paper Mar 27/72 V1#2

In our first two weeks of visiting Riverview tenants, we have talked with 40 families. Almost every family has some problem in their apartment that they have been trying to get the housing authority to look at.  Some problems are serious.  Some are just small problems.

What we want to show you is how you can make the housing authority listen to you if you are together.  It is easy for them to forget about you as an individual, but if you are united, they will listen.

Senator Brooke is coming

At the SHA board meeting on March 24, 1972, Mr. Asselin announced that Senator Brooke will be in Springfield on Monday, April 3, 1972, and he wants to come to Riverview in the afternoon.  Senator Brooke has been in Riverview before; he is a strong supporter of public housing tenants it would be a good time for tenants to talk to him.

Did you know you’ll have to pay by money order.  That is, as of May 1 and 1972 the housing authority will only take a check or money order for rent payment if you do not like this change, tell Juan Gerena and Jean Edwards or call the main office of the Housing Authority at 788-0981.

This means that many people will have to travel far to buy a money order and many people will also have trouble catching their welfare checks.  Tell the housing authority you do not like this regulation.


Almost all a part men’s on the eighth floor in the high-rise buildings have suffered damage because of the water coming into the apartments from the leaks in the roof.  The problem is worst in 120 – 122 Clyde, the completely fixed up the building.


On March 23, 1972 BSH a board voted to ask permission from HUD ( the part of the Federal government which controls the housing authority) to return of the tenants and security deposits the money will be returned when SHA receives permission.

The tenant paper is published by the tenants and the community organization staffer at Riverview


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