Flat grant and furniture subject of welfare meeting

Members of the North End Welfare Rights Organization and other welfare recipients crowded into the North End Community Center for a meeting Thursday, Sept. 3. The purpose of the meeting was to explain the upcoming flat grant welfare system and to fill out applications for furniture needs.

Mrs. Barbara Rivera, co-chaiman of the group, explained that the flat grant system will become effective on Sept. 16. After that date, welfare recipients will receive four checks per year in addition to their standard bi-weekly checks to cover all their needs. Recipients will no longer receive checks designated for special purposes such as furniture or school clothing.

Recipients still have an opportunity to apply for special needs up to the 16th of Sept. Mrs. Rivera told the group that “until the flat grant becomes effective, the welfare office has stated it would honor applications for individual needs as has been done in the past.”

Officers of the Welfare Right group helped the recipients fill out forms for furniture grants. The welfare office has put a freeze on furnituure applications, but it was recently learned that the freeze had been lifted. Applications for fall clothes were also filled out by those who had not made application for clothing.

Mrs. Rivera told the group that once the flat grant becomes effective, any questions regarding the new system can be taken to her or Roger Brunelle at the North End Center.

Brightwood Voice V.2 No.10 Sept. 11, 1970 Springfield, Mass.


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